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ABOUT: Carson Design and Remodeling

Burke Carson, an engineer and designer, has planned, designed, and personally built or managed over 500 jobs in the Finger Lakes area.

      Carson Design and Remodeling has been a Four Seasons representative since 1980, and a full franchise since 1985. We have served hundreds of private customers and been a preferred contractor for McDonald's, Corning Inc., the State University of NY Binghamton, and many other businesses large and small. With long experience in site evaluation, passive solar design, interior floor planning, and exterior design, we are able to really listen to your goals and ideas and translate them into a reality that reflects not only our written contract but also the spirit of our discussions.

    The first step is to make an appointment to visit you on site and discuss possibilities, free of charge. Working with your ideas and guidance we will decide together on one or more potential designs and then prepare rough plans and a complete estimate for one or more of them. After reviewing these together at a second appointment (also at no charge) we can then make decisions about the final work, schedule the work itself, and complete an agreement to proceed. We normally work with a fixed price contract closely specifying the work to be done, the materials to be used, and the schedule to be followed.  We have found this to be the best way to ensure that all expectations are met for everyone involved. Truth be told though, we fully expect to exceed your expectations, as for so many others, when you see and experience the final result.

     Usually we take a job all the way from idea to completion but we can also provide guaranteed construction of a Four Seasons structure on your own spec-prepared site work. In either case, basic design services are included at no additional charge and include permit ready plans. You can even purchase Four Seasons materials to install yourself, with the option of hiring us to advise during the course of the job to help eliminate any uncertainty or confusion. In all scenarios you retain all warranties, including 20 years on glass seal failure and breakage and 10 years on the finish.

    Referrals from past customers or visits to completed projects are available on request.

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